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Our Machines

Vending Plus offers a wide range of vending machine and counter-top dispenser solutions to meet your needs.  We firmly believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. 

Vending Plus (B’dos) Inc. currently has in excess of 800 machines throughout Barbados and is the leading vending machine company.  Our portfolio includes:

  • Coca Cola Vending Machines
  • Mixed Machines
  • Juice Machines
  • Nescafe Coffee Machines
  • Nescafe Iced Coffee Machines
  • Nestlé EZ Care Ice Tea Machines
  • Nestlé Orchard Party Mix Juice Dispensers
  • Water Softeners

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Coffee Machines

Alegria A860 machine for hotels and restaurants

Alegria A860 machine on a base cabinet for reception areas, offices and lunchrooms

Counter-top Alegria A860 machine for Food Service Areas

Alegria A8130 Machine, suitable for offices, reception areas, lunchrooms, small to medium-sized retail outlets, food service areas etc.

Large Freestanding Coffee Vending Machines
(Please call us for more information)


NESCAFE Prima 220V

Soda Vending Machines

Juice Vending Machines
(Please call us for images)

Mixed Vending (Soda and Juices)

Counter-Top Dispensers

Orchard Ez-Care in a single 18L bowl  dispenser

EzCare Orchard Mini-Duo - for Orange and Fruit Punch from one slim machine (2 x 9 litre bowls)

EzCare Orchard and Nestea Mini Duo (2 x 9 litre bowls)

EzCare Double Bowl - for high volume outlets.  Can be branded to dispense Orchard and Nestea or two Orchard Juices  (branding is changeable).  2 x 18 litre bowls

Easy to make - Serve a whole range of delicious Nescafe ICE drinks.  French Vanilla ICE, Cappuccino ICE or Mocha ICE drinks using one of our machines -Quick and easy to make up with bar blender - just add water and ice.  Please ask for details.

We also supply Water Softeners, Filter Housings and Filter Cartridges
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